Sealy Brand Collection

Sealy Brand Collection

Sealy Brand Mattresses

Sealy Brand Mattresses

When you buy a Sealy brand mattress, you get all the quality you’d expect from a well-trusted brand, at a price you can afford. Maybe you are a consistently good sleeper, and you don’t require the special mattress-features that problem sleepers may need. Perhaps you’re on a budget and looking for something nice, but affordable, to go in your guest room. Or, maybe you’re looking for an inexpensive mattress for your child’s room.

The coils in Sealy’s innerspring mattresses are twice-tempered to prevent the sagging that some mattresses experience over time. All Sealy mattresses undergo the most rigorous durability testing in the industry–over 30 tests–so your mattress still feels like new, years after you buy it. Budget-minded sleepers, rejoice! An affordable, quality mattress has arrived.

Sealy Brand Components



If you’ve ever experienced the pain of a bed that sags, you know how important durability and support are when it comes to shopping for a new mattress. Sealy is the only company that uses a twice-tempered coil to prevent sagging of the mattress over time. Twice-tempering ensures that the innerspring will provide lasting support, extending the life of your Sealy Brand mattress for years to come.


Exterior fabric and quilting

The high-quality, quilted fabric that covers all Sealy mattresses is soft, long-lasting and, above all, comfortable. Whether you’re purchasing a mattress for a rarely used spare room, or for your own sleep sanctuary, you can be sure that the material between you and your mattress represents the ultimate in comfort.


Whether your kids love jumping on the bed or your pets love pawing at it, the quilted fabric on all Sealy mattresses is well-equipped to handle normal wear and tear. It is designed to be resilient, durable and comfortable.

Edge System

Sealy’s edge-systems are engineered for optimal stability. The edge-system of a Sealy mattress provides you with a firm place to sit, a stable sleep-surface, and the ability to rest on the far sides of your mattress without it sinking beneath you.

Box Spring

Sealy box-spring systems absorb impact to ensure that your Sealy will be around to enjoy for years to come. Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it shouldn’t last.

Lowest Price or It’s Free Guarantee!: We guarantee that if you find a comparable new mattress for less at a competitor, we will beat that price by 5%, or your product is free, up to 60 days after purchase. See store for details. Mattress photos shown are for illustration purposes only.