Mattress Basics

Mattress Basics

Is it time to replace your mattress?


Evaluate the current condition of your bed. It may be difficult to get a good night’s sleep on a mattress that is not comfortable to you. A wrong or old mattress may be the cause of sleeping problems. If you answer yes to any of the the following questions, you should consider replacing your mattress:

  • Does the mattress surface sag in places, especially where you normally sleep?
  • Does the foundation (boxspring) have an uneven or sagging surface or is it bowed in the middle?
  • Is the mattress soft or weak in some spots and firm in others?
  • Does the mattress make creaks or other suspicious noises when you turn over or move around?
  • When you roll around, does the bed wobble or sway?
  • Do the edges of the mattress sit higher than the center?
  • Is there a gradual slope toward the middle?
  • Do you feel cramped or feel like you are always sleeping at the edge of the mattress?
  • Are you comfortable in bed or are you always adjusting to get more comfortable?
  • Is your mattress 8-10 years old or older?
  • Do you wake up stiff and sore in the morning?

Look for key features and benefits of each mattress you are trying.

Your Mattress Discounters Mattress Professional can suggest several models for you to try by lying down on each model for several minutes. Turn from side to side to check comfort and support in all positions. Make sure to lie for several minutes in the position you usually sleep.

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Comfort, support, durability and space are critical characteristics to evaluate when purchasing a mattress set. Check coil counts: full-size should have at least 300, queen-size at least 375 and king-size at least 450. Keeping in mind a high coil count doesn’t automatically mean it’s a better product. Wire gauge is important too — the lower the number, the more durable the wire (13 is thicker than 16).

Pay close attention to mattress comfort.

And remember, you can’t judge a mattress by its coils alone. The conformability and firmness of your mattress are the critical elements that make a comfortable sleep posture possible.

Buy a complete mattress set, not just the mattress. A steel wire boxspring foundation is as important as a good innerspring mattress. It acts much like a large shock absorber, taking a lot of the nightly wear and tear. Don’t put a new mattress on an old foundation.

Shop for the best value, not the lowest price. Mattress prices are determined by materials used, quality of construction and size. Consider the amount of time you will use a mattress set and the problems that may accompany a poorly constructed mattress set (i.e., back problems, restless sleep, overly tired during the day).

Remember, a mattress is a long-term investment in your health and well-being, and costs only pennies a day.

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Don’t be afraid to ask your Mattress Professional questions — as many as you need to ensure that you are confident in your purchase. Shop in a store you know and trust will give you quality information, good service and promises your comfort. Mattress Discounters is one of the largest mattress retailers in America and is staffed with knowledgeable Mattress Professionals to assist you in finding the right mattress for your needs. Visit one of the many Mattress Discounters or call 1-888-MY-MD-Bed to speak directly to the store nearest you.